MEA Global

Our Clients

The MEA Global team has developed programmes for universities, business schools, alumni associations and independent groups of alumni. University and business school directors and alumni representatives come to us with requests for short immersion programmes (usually 7-10 days in length) with a business and /or a leadership focus. When a programme has a business focus, the leadership development process is designed to support the learning about emerging market business. A programme with a leadership focus has learning about leadership as its primary aim.

We generally work with groups of between 15 and 55 participants. For the larger groups, we design parallel sessions and visits where necessary to ensure an interactive and participatory learning experience. Our preferred way of working is through a process of co-creation, based on the group’s learning needs and interests and Cape Town’s many possibilities.

Prospective clients are welcome to contact us if they would like to speak to people who have experienced our services.

What they say...

I knew that MEA Global was the on the ground provider that we should partner with.

Associate Director, UNC