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What distinguishes MEA Global programmes from conventional study trips are the emphasis on experiential learning and the focus on leadership skill development in addition to knowledge building. Experiential learning means that programme participants have direct encounters with the topics under consideration. They are taken into companies to speak with their South African peers, to townships to talk about the challenges and opportunities for emerging market business, and to historical and cultural sites to find out how the context shapes business in a country like South Africa – a society in transition. In-class sessions are only used for topic introductions and for panel sessions, in which speakers from different institutions and organisations come together to discuss an issue. Leadership skill development is part of the programmes from the first day. It happens through (reflection) sessions in which the delegates build their capacity to deal with the uncertainty and complexity associated with the different world they have stepped into. Being able to deal with uncertainty and complexity has been recognised as a critical quality for leaders. The immersion experience gives participants the opportunity to put what is being learned in the leadership sessions into practice immediately. In their feedback on the programmes, delegates frequently mention the impact of this learning on the way they understand and practice leadership.

MEA Global programmes are tailored to the particular learning needs of the participants. We are looking for the programmes to inspire new ideas that can be used back home. Whether these new ideas are related to business in low income markets, innovation under constraints, transformational leadership, diversity, African values, public-private partnerships, empowerment or any other themes depends on the interests of the group. The speakers are carefully selected on the basis of their experience with the topic at hand and their ability to convey the message. The organisation of logistics is another way in which we distinguish ourselves. A lot of time and energy is dedicated to making sure that the programmes run smoothly. Timely and accurate communication with the group representative(s) upfront and with the participants during the programme is considered very important.

What clients say...

A very relevant and mind setting experience - very well organized and authentic.

Delegate, VL Alumni Denmark